Specialized logistics (storage and transportation)

Of critical medical products

Offering services related to

With a range that is

Cold Chain, traceability, temperature

Antihemophilics, oncological, psychotropics, narcotics

Distribution/ Pharmaceutical wholesaler

Local, Regional and International

The Company

Dihemo S.A. is a company created to satisfy a specific market niche comprised by logistic activity (1) related to general medical products and those specific to the field of treatment and conservation of hematologic and hemoderivative products, as well as other related products.

(1) Reception, storage in controlled-temperature conditions, preparation of orders and dispatch to the corresponding client.

Dihemo's objective is to be a reference point in the market, striving for excellence within its field and recognized for its quality and reliability in delivering Distribution, Logistics and Commercialization Services for the products mentioned previously.

We have spacious areas for the different stages that the product goes through, from its entry/ admission as a whole to its dispatch in specific quantities with predefined destinations.

Personnel is trained for the tasks inherent to their area, as well as in issues related to product conservation and safety. Training also covers areas such as industrial safety and health and environment.

The technological infrastructure assists Dihemo's needs in the fields of communication, product traceability and general control systems (in addition to the physical protection systems).


We strive for excellence as a company, being a market leader, recognized for our quality and reliability in delivering Product Distribution, Logistics and Commercialization Services in relation to general medical products, as well as those specific to the field of treatment and conservation of hematologic and hemoderivative products and other related products.


To provide integral logistic solutions in order to supply Antihemophilic Products, Products used for Special Treatments and any other Product Related to the Pharmaceutical Industry, satisfying their client's needs, committed to their suppliers and employees, so as to ensure the quality sustained by a continuous improvement process.

Quality Assurance Policy

Understanding that it's essential to comply with our quality objectives, a Quality Assurance Policy is established, based on the following principles:

  • Storing, distributing and/ or commercializing the products, receiving and controlling ensuring traceability per unit.
  • Classifying them to later be stored in adequate environmental conditions.
  • Preserving them at the proper temperature, previously defined by the laboratory where they were produced.
  • Dispatching them based on the corresponding guidelines, complying with our clients' needs.
  • Reaching destination correctly in due time while preserving adequate conditions for the products.

MA 109 REV 04 - Since 21/02/2017

  • Providing reliability for our Clients and Suppliers, (so that they perceive it) creating total operational continuity, with no errors or delay in terms of delivery (considering this concept valid in terms of Dihemo pharmaceutical wholesaler, except in case of force majeur).
  • Be attentive and comply with the legal and stakeholder requirements, incorporating them into the processes
  • Providing constant challenges in the innovation of processes and technology applied to protect the safety of the products and improve the service offered to both our clients and suppliers.
  • Creating a corporate culture capable of making the team feel connected to the business objectives in pursuit of continuous improvement.


Dry Storage (20 °C)

Handling and related services

Secondary packaging

Temperature and humidity controlled storage (2 a 8 °C)

Order preparation in pallets, parcels or units


Floor and rack storage

Stock control and inventory management.

Cold chain


  • Temperature and humidity control through expert SCADA systems, interacting with data acquisition sensors that monitor and control ensuring that the optimal conditions for each product are constant.
  • Adequate insulation and thermal lag, carried out with an innovative design, using state of the art materials and standards that regulate the activity.
  • Constant surveillance with guards (365 x 24), in addition to Surveillance CCTV systems in the entire plant and its perimeter.
  • Excellent safety conditions for the products, through an early fire detection system, airtight chambers, modern maintenance and health and safety procedures, sanitation and pest detection.
  • Redundant power and control systems resulting in a reliability factor with an ideal certainty level (including emergency power generation)


  • Three refrigerated chambers (5°C) and two antechambers (12°C)
  • Spacious storage space in the ground floor and first floor
  • Temperature regulation for common areas at 20°C
  • Management information system (operations and logistics) with traceability approved by ANMAT
  • Operations and administration office


ISO 9001:2015




Address: 3690 Mitre Avenue, Munro, Buenos Aires

Tel. (011) 4721-9505



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